The Freelancer’s Round-Up Vol 4

A notepad for ideas!


I love to read and I love to learn. And what’s better than reading and learning? Sharing what I’m reading and learning! That’s why I’ve started this Freelancer’s Round-up series. Here you’ll find links to the most helpful posts and resources aimed at freelancers, virtual assistants, and online business owners.

So, let’s take a few minutes, grab a cup of coffee, and our laptops or tablets and enjoy!

The Freelancer’s Round-up

Jenni tells us how to deal with self-sabotage as a blogger. We’ve all been there I know!

“Unlike a lot of other people in the business space who tell you not to focus on this element, I think it’s hugely important when you’re planning your business. You need to be thinking like a businesswoman. Pick the best revenue streams, think out all the variables, and set goals for making money. Plan so that you know you’re on the right path.”

Angie shares 19 time-saving tips and tricks for busy bloggers. Number 4 people! She really did go there!

Elna writes about 8 blogging niches that drive traffic and make money. And these niches aren’t your typical blogging tips niche!

Danielle tells us why we just need to be ourselves and gives us 7 inspiring examples of women who are being successful by embracing who they are!

Miranda shares some easy bookkeeping basics that will help you make a profit. This is one area of my business I know I need to put more focus on, how about you?

Are you thinking about offering a digital product? Kayla has some great tips on how to price it!

Growing your email list is a must! And Kayla H. has 12 ideas for lead magnets to entice people to sign up!

If you’re thinking of adding how-to videos to your blog, check out Carrie and Brandon’s tips on how to make your videos effective!

“How do we fix this? How do we overcome the never-ending cycle of busyness that keeps us trapped, but not making progress towards our goals? The solution is simple: We learn to say no.”

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The Freelancer's Round-up Vol 4

In The Freelancer's Round-Up Vol 4 we'll learn some easy bookkeeping tips, how to deal with self-sabotage, ideas for lead magnets, the importance of saying now and so much more! #freelancers #smallbusiness #bloggingtips

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