How to Set Up a Fun Quiz to Bring in New Subscribers

how to set up a quiz with Interact

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You need an email list. If you have a blog or business, then you hear this all the time. And it’s true!

But how do you get people to sign up for your email list?

It’s not like the old days of blogging when you could just put a “Sign up for my Newsletter” opt-in form in your sidebar and forget about it.

Now, you need to offer your readers something free and valuable in return for their email address. Which means that you need to create a content upgrade or lead magnet to draw them in. And you’re supposed to do that for every single blog post you write.

Let’s be honest, who has time for that?! Not me!

But I still want to grow my list, so there have to be other ways that are less time consuming right?

Well, there is! Quizzes!

Do you have freebie opt-ins galore with no results? Why not try a quiz so you can start growing your list the fun and simple way!Click To Tweet

I had already created a quiz using Interact* for a client, and it was so much fun! So when Interact asked me to partner with them, I immediately said yes! I knew that this would be a game-changer for my email list and save me time.

Let me show you how easy it is to set up a quiz with Interact*!


My Favorite Features

The Templates

You saw in the video that Interact* has a ton of awesome templates to choose from. This means that you don’t always have to create a new quiz from scratch which can save you a ton of time!  And they have so many different niches to choose from that you can create a quiz about any topic you need.

The Branding Options

You can create your quiz to exactly match your brand. You also have the option to embed the quiz on your website and redirect the result pages. By doing this, quiz takers will never have to leave your website. Plus, you can embed the quiz right in a blog post if you want to!

You can see my social media quiz to get an idea of what you can do with your own quiz. I’m also going to embed it below so you can see how that looks as well.

Easy Integration

It’s so easy to integrate with your email provider! Just follow the steps in the Interact dashboard and you’re done!

It’s Mobile Responsive

Most of your online interaction takes place where? On your phone, right? I know for me I do all my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram scrolling on my phone. For most people, 80% of their social media time is spent on a mobile device. So no matter what kind of content you create you want to make sure it looks good on mobile. And Interact’s quizzes do!

Creating this quiz was a lot of fun! And I can’t wait to see what kind of results my Interact quiz* brings! Once I’ve been promoting it for a while I plan to share my results with you here on the blog. Be on the lookout for that and in the meantime you can take my first quiz below.


Have you tried everything you can think of to grow your list? Do you have freebie opt-ins galore with no results? Let me show you how to set up a quiz with Interact so you can start growing your list the fun and simple way! #emailmarketing #growyoursubscribers #leadgeneration

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4 responses to “How to Set Up a Fun Quiz to Bring in New Subscribers

  1. Love this article, Paula! Quizzes are so much fun to create. I was a little scared as I did one for my first opt-in, but the positive feedback has been so encouraging.

    Also – I really loved your example and definitely signed up 🙂 It was spot on what I need help with!

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