Tech Assistance for

the Busy Mom Entrepreneur

Let me take the stress out of your tech! It’s time for you to focus on what YOU do best and I’ll handle the rest! 

Paula Hickey WordPress Tech Virtual Assistant and Web Designer

Hi, I’m Paula!

I’m a Tech Virtual Assistant and web designer. I work behind the scenes with busy Mom bloggers and coaches like you so that you can focus on growing your business.

Are you ready to focus on the fun parts of your business like creating new content or products for your audience or coaching more clients? What about finally having time to do all the things that you love like spending more time with your family and friends, or traveling?

Then take a look at my services and let’s see what tasks we can take off your overfull plate! 

Together we got this!

How Can IHelpYou?

WordPress & Tech

Tired of maintaining your own website and tech related tasks? I can help. 

Web Design

Let’s get your client-getting coaching website built and found by your dream clients.


Learn how to DIY your website with Shopify and start selling your products and services today.


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