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How a Tech Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

Do you hate dealing with the tech side of owning your own online business?

Whenever you have to go into the backend of your WordPress website do you worry you’ll break something or you feel like you have to relearn it every time you sign in?

Or maybe you’re comfortable with the tech side of your business but you find that it’s not the best use of your time.

If this sounds like you, then your business needs a Tech Virtual Assistant. Because let’s be honest anyone can update a plugin or format a blog post, but only you can coach that new client or host that podcast episode. So why not hand over those tasks that don’t need your personal touch to someone who truly enjoys doing them.

So let’s look at what a tech virtual assistant is and what services they offer that will benefit your business.

What is a tech virtual assistant?

The term virtual assistant refers to someone who works remotely to help support businesses. They are independent contractors which mean VAs set their own rates and hours. Virtual Assistant is also a broad term that covers a wide range of skill sets.

A tech virtual assistant has skills that are more focused on well, tech!

They will be more focused on the behind the scenes tasks of running your business. They enjoy working on your website, and keeping it up to date, and troubleshooting any issues you have with it.

A tech VA most likely won’t be offering copywriting or content creation services. Instead, she will put the content you create where it needs to be and formats and optimizes it for the platform it’s on.

She may not be a designer but she is proficient in using templates and programs like Canva to create graphics, PDFs, slides, etc for her clients. She will be good with social media schedulers and autoresponders. She loves working with those kinds of programs.

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Now let’s look at some everyday tasks you can hand off of a Tech VA.

What services does a tech VA offer?

There are all kinds of services that a tech VA may offer to do for clients. Here are some of the most popular and in-demand services.

Keep WordPress Up to Date

Do you forget to check your plugins and themes for updates? Has it been a while since you checked your website for broken links?

All those little things that keep your WordPress website running smoothly, assign those tasks to your tech assistant. She can do backups of your website, fix broken links, update your plugins and theme when needed. She can also add your blog posts to WordPress and format them as well as optimize for SEO.

Set up Sequences in Your Autoresponder

Write your emails for your sequences, and your weekly broadcasts, and have your assistant add it to your autoresponder. She can format it and add the links, images, tags to each email and then schedule it to go out on time.

Add Course Content to Your Chosen Platform

When it comes to creating the content for your course, that’s something that requires your special touch. But actually adding it to Teachable, Podia, or Thinkific? Your assistant can do that for you! So save yourself a ton of time and hand this task over to your assistant.

Create Graphics in Canva

This is a great task to outsource if you like writing the content for your social media, blog posts, and freebies but don’t have the time or skills to create the graphics. A tech VA can create your graphics for you! Or if you already have templates ready to use she can simply add your new content to them. Saving you tons of time!

Source and Optimize Images

Don’t spend a ton of time searching for images, hand this off to your tech VA who can then resize and optimize those images for your website. Also, if you haven’t been consistent about optimizing your images in the past have your tech VA go back through and optimize those images. This will help increase your website’s speed which is an important factor in SEO.

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Create a Landing Page

Need a landing page for your latest freebie? Have your Tech VA create one. She also can make sure that it connects to your autoresponder and sales funnel.

Some popular tools for creating landing pages are Leadpages, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Thrive. Whichever tool you prefer, you’re sure to find a tech VA that specializes in that tool and can create your pages for you.

Schedule Pinterest Content

Pinterest can be a huge source of traffic for business owners but it can also be a huge time suck. That’s why this is a popular task to assign a tech VA. They get to play with the tech they enjoy and you get to add hours of time back to your schedule.

Basic SEO

There are a lot of parts to SEO so it makes sense to hand some of those tasks to your assistant. She can optimize your blog posts using Yoast SEO, add inbound and outbound links to your posts, and do keyword research.

Basic Video Editing

Need something simple like removing dead air from the beginning and end of videos or cutting out a section where you flubbed a line or adding some background music, ask a tech VA to take care of it for you.

You can see that a tech virtual assistant will be a valuable asset to your team especially one who is versatile and comfortable with a variety of programs and tasks. They help free up time for you and keep the tech side of your business running smoothly.

If you’re interested in hiring a tech VA, check out my service page for tech assistance or schedule a free discovery call.

How a Tech Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

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