What I learned in my first 6 weeks as a VA

What I learned in my first 6 weeks as a VA

I started my virtual assistant journey just six weeks ago. My how times flies! I already have two clients and a freelance writing project under my belt. So, it has definitely been an incredible few weeks. And I have learned a lot!

So, of course, I have to share that with you! Here are five things I learned in my first 6 weeks as a VA:

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Things will happen before you’re ready

I was approached by my first client before I had even finished the Horkey Handbook Virtual Assistant course*. She found me through a Facebook Group. And before I had everything finalized with this client, I was approached by another client who had also found me through a Facebook Group.

I didn’t feel prepared at all. But I jumped in any way.

Those first meetings with my new clients were nerve-wracking. And my confidence was in a constant pendulum swing between feeling that yes I could do this and constant worry that I would disappoint my new clients.

I completed my projects and my clients were pleased with my work! So my worry was for nothing. But I reminded myself that more confidence would come in time and I know from experience that it will.

How to use some new programs

One of my clients needed pages added to her blog. She uses Thrive Themes. Which I had no experience with at all! But I figured it out! And I actually liked it! I found it to be pretty user-friendly. I like that you can easily add things like icons and testimonials to your website all from one theme.

She also needed content uploaded and formatted for her online course. Enter Product Dyno! Another product that I had no knowledge of but was able to figure out. It is so user-friendly! The whole experience makes me want to create my own courses someday!

That Virtual Assistant might not be the right title for me

I asked a question in one of my Facebook Groups about what people were struggling with because I needed help creating my service packages. Lindsey asked what my areas of expertise were and when I told her, she said that maybe virtual assistant wasn’t the right title for me. She suggested Digital Marketing VA.

It was something I would never have thought of on my own. But it makes sense, I don’t offer the traditional administration packages that a lot of virtual assistants offer. Nor do I want to. My focus is more on Social Media and Content Creation, and in time I will be offering Pinterest services as well. All these things are about growing a business through online traffic. Which is what I love!

It’s ok to Barter your work

Part of me hesitates to put this on here, but I did some work in exchange for testimonials. I even did some work in exchange for an online product!

Every business website needs testimonials. And bartering some work in exchange for some has been a win for me! It’s a great way to get someone to try out your services. And it’s an awesome way to help someone out who needs some work done but doesn’t yet have the budget for a virtual assistant with a focus on digital marketing. 🙂

And the product I did work in exchange for is one that will really save me time and help my business grow in the future.

I discovered my Why

Everyone will tell you that you need to know your why. Why do you blog? Why do you want to run your own business?

I don’t want to be tied to a company that controls my schedule. I want to be in control of it!

I want to be able to spend more time with my family. When I want to, not when someone else dictates that I can. By creating my own schedule, I will be able to work when my husband works so that we can be together more. I can give myself the same day off as my Sister so that we can have more Sister days. I can spend more time with my Mom and Dad and my nephew.

And I want to help other women achieve that same goal! I want to help them have more time for their families, friends, and the things they love to do.

It means that right now I’m sacrificing my free time to build this business. But I’m keeping my eye on the future and reaching my goal of living life on my terms and helping other women do the same.

Now, what about you my friend? What have you learned lately? What is your why? Let me know in the comments!

What I learned in my first 6 weeks as a VA

What I learned in my first 6 weeks as a VA - new programs, my why, the benefits of bartering, my why and more!

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4 responses to “What I learned in my first 6 weeks as a VA

  1. Like you, my why is about having more time for the people in things I love. I was a VA for few years but it was mostly admin stuff and not super exciting. Specializing in Digital Marketing is awesome! And it sounds like you’re learning a ton already.

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