The Freelancer’s Round-up Vol. 2

The Freelancer's Round-up Vol. 2

I love to read and I love to learn. And what’s better than reading and learning? Sharing what I’m reading and learning! That’s why I’ve started this Freelancer’s Round-up series. Here you’ll find links to the most helpful posts and resources aimed at freelancers, virtual assistants, and business owners.

So, let’s take a few minutes, grab a cup of coffee, and our laptops and enjoy!

Chris gives some great tips on how to add and use affiliate links on your blog. One thing I do differently from Chris’s recommendations is to mark all of my affiliate links. I don’t feel like a disclosure is enough. What about you?

Becky gives us 5 tips for creating successful Facebook ads. I follow her advice when creating ads for my clients!

Sarah gives us three morning productivity tips for solopreneurs. I don’t wake up well but once I’m up I’m usually ready to get to work! How about you?

Danielle shares 7 authentic ways to get free backlinks for SEO! One of her tips is round-ups like mine! If you have a post that you know other Freelancers would love, why not send it to me?! It’ll be good for your SEO!

I love Amanda’s 8-step process for writing sales page copy! It was super helpful to me when writing a sales page for a client!

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Have you or a client become a victim of the Instagram Shadowban? If so, Alex tells us exactly how to deal with shadow banning.

Coming up with ideas for your email newsletter can be hard! That’s why I loved Jenni’s post of 25 quick and easy ideas for your next newsletter!

Alison gives us 10 reasons your blog or online business is failing and what to do to fix it! And if you’re just starting out like me, this post is helpful in learning what you need to focus on the most.

Julie tells us how to for any freelance job you can think of! She also gives a list of things to include in the proposal and things that you can leave out.

Ashley gives us 5 product launch blog posts that will sell your stuff! I know I’ll be using these tips in my writing for clients!

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The Freelancer's Round-up Vol. 2

The Freelancer's Round-up Vol. 2 has ten posts with tips and tricks for freelancers and virtual assistants. This week's links include posts on creating sales pages, adding affiliate links, productivity tips for solopreneurs, and what to do if you've been shadowbanned on Instagram!

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