9 tools to simplify your Virtual Assistant Business

Simplify your Virtual Assistant business with these 9 Awesome Tools!

I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my business website and to make client work easier! These nine tools have helped me to simplify tasks, keep organized, and add value to my business website.

And now that I’ve found these tools and implemented them, I’m saving time when I work on my website! Which means I have more time for client work! Who wouldn’t love that?!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (meaning I will get a small commission if you buy through my link). You won’t pay any more if you use this link. And I only promote products I truly believe in! They are marked by an *.

Ivory Mix

I am a terrible photographer. Terrible! It’s one reason that as a hobby blogger I never focused a lot on Instagram. But now that I’ve started my own business, I can’t ignore images anymore. Because I know how important visuals are to your brand.

That’s why one of the first things I did as a new business owner was to sign up for Kayla’s stock photo membership at Ivory Mix*. Her photography is beautiful! I know it makes the visuals on my blog stand out.

And since I am a member I can use her photos for client work as well! I don’t have to hunt for quality photos. I have them right at my fingertips! This saves me a ton of time! And one of my clients recently received a compliment on the beautiful images we used in her course! They were from Ivory Mix*!


Trello is my To-Do List App Soulmate! Seriously! I first heard of it through the 30 Days or less to Virtual Assistant Success Course* and I immediately fell in love!

It’s a great way for me to keep track of client tasks. One client and I even share a board so that she can delegate tasks to me and then see when I have completed them. It’s perfect!

And my husband and I have even started using it for household lists!

I plan on creating a video tutorial about how I use Trello so keep an eye out for it!

The Self-Editing Handbook

I am always working to improve my writing. It’s what writer’s do! And The Self-Editing Handbook by Ashley Brooks has been a tremendous help!

Ashley walks you through the four stages of editing. Plus she gives some tips on grammar. Having this go-to resource has been a wonderful confidence booster!


If I had known how easy Canva was to use I would’ve started using it years ago! I still use my trusty Paint Shop Pro, but for client work, I’ve started to rely on Canva. One reason I chose to do this is that is an easy way for clients to share their Pinterest templates with me.

And I have started to use Canva for some of my own work too. Simply because I love the templates! They are gorgeous! I’ve used their templates to create PDFs, my resume, and my business card. And it was so easy!

Canva is saving me time on my design work. And it’s giving me a lot more confidence that what I’m creating is eye-appealing.


I’m taking a Pinterest VA course and the scheduling tool they are teaching us to use is Tailwind. It’s so easy to use! I wish that I had started using it a long time ago! I love that Tailwind has a Chrome broswer extension! This makes it so easy to schedule my pins.


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Loom allows you to take a video of your laptop screen so that any task you are completing can be shared with others. And it’s free! One of my clients used this video app to show me how to do a project that she needed me to do. It was so helpful!

Since then I have used Loom to show a fellow VA how to use a theme she was unfamiliar with. This is also the tool I will use to create my Trello video tutorial.

Easy Content Upgrades

I really thought it would be difficult to connect my freebie opt-in offer to my mailing list. But with Easy Content Upgrades*, it was so easy! Do you know what I love best about this plugin? Once someone is on my list they can automatically download an upgrade! This will make things so easy for my subscribers.

Easy Content Upgrade* also gives you the option to build a resource library of your opt-in offers. So be on the lookout for this here!

And another feature I love is that you can create really pretty forms for your opt-ins. You can see mine below and in the sidebar. It was super easy to add to this post too. In the visual editor in WordPress, Content Upgrades will appear in your toolbar. Simply use it to add one of your opt-ins to your post! Easy!

Easy Pricing Tables by Fatcat Apps

This made creating my service packages so easy! Well, deciding what to put in them was hard, but actually putting them on my website — that was easy!

And Easy Pricing Tables* is super easy to connect to PayPal. Fatcat Apps has a tutorial for how to do that here*. And what do I like the most? Their tables are really simple and pretty and integrate well with my theme.

Testimonial Widget

I tried a few different testimonial plugins for my website before I found out about this one. Testimonial Widgets comes with a slideshow option which I love! I use it on my homepage and it makes the testimonials really stand out.

Another feature I like about this widget is that you can create tags for each testimonial. This makes it easy to keep testimonials for client work and opt-in offers separate.

Now, what are some of your favorite tools for your business? Let me know in the comments!

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9 Tools to Simplify your VA business!

Simplify your Virtual Assistant business with these 9 Awesome Tools! These tools will help you to organize your client work, save you time, and add value to your business website!  And five of the nine are FREE! And one tool has a free version! Plus get a free resource guide for your business website!

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