5 services virtual assistants offer to simplify your business

5 SERVICES VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS OFFER TO SIMPLIFY YOUR BUSINESSYour business is growing and you’re so excited! You have so many ideas to make more money and keep your blog on a successful path, but you don’t have time to do ALL. THE. THINGS!

You also know you need help if you want your business to keep growing, but what kind of help?

The answer to your problems is a virtual assistant! And here are five services that virtual assistants offer that will make your life easier!

Popular Services Virtual Assistants offer


Do you struggle with keeping a tidy inbox? Are you notorious for taking days to respond to an email? Let a virtual assistant manage your inbox for you!

They can organize your inbox, sort your emails, and even answer emails on your behalf. Your VA can answer customer inquiries, process refunds, answer FAQ and more.

You can even assign your VA the task of pitching brands and guest posters on your behalf! Talk about a time saver!


It’s no secret that Pinterest is a huge traffic source for bloggers so you need a presence there. But Pinterest can be a huge time suck for you, that’s why it’s a great task to hand off to a virtual assistant!

Pinterest VAs can create pins for your blog posts and pin your content. They can also find relevant niche content to pin, join group boards on your behalf, and optimize your account.

And if you don’t already have a Pinterest account, they can set one up!


Do you struggle to create a consistent presence on social media? Or maybe you already have it figured out but you’re tired of the upkeep?

Hand this job off to a VA!

If you’re the struggling type, a good VA will be able to give you the consistency and organization you desire to build your audience.

If you already have a solid social media system in place, taking a little time to teach your VA that system will save you hours in the long run!


This is one of my favorite services to offer!

Think of all the tasks you need to do just to publish a blog post. You need to proofread and edit your post. You need to add images with alt tags, create a pin, and add a CTA like a Click to Tweet. You also need to add backlinks, outbound links, and affiliate links to each post. And don’t forget to make sure it’s optimized for SEO! Oh, and you need to add a sign-up form for your free opt-in offer.

And that’s all for one post! It can be time-consuming, right?

That’s why you hand this off to your VA! You write the post. She takes care of the rest!

Other tasks that fall under this category are updating and installing plugins, comment moderation, and fixing broken links.

Content Creation

Are you struggling to write a blog post every week? Let your VA create content for you! She can pitch guest bloggers, coordinate their posts, and format and schedule their posts.

She can go back through your older posts, update them, and republish them.

She can also write blog posts for your blog. There are VAs that ghostwrite for bloggers. Or they offer a writing service like I do. I offer a round-up series for your blog or student success interviews under my content creation services.

One of the best things about working with a virtual assistant will be having a teammate! You’ll know that you have someone who is invested in the success of your business. You don’t have to do this alone anymore!

P.S. I offer all of these services except Email Management! Though I do offer pitching services for clients.


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