How Horkey Handbook is changing my Life


Exactly one day after my three month anniversary of signing up for the Horkey Handbook VA* course, I signed my third client!

People, I am excited! This course it works! And my life is changing because of it!

One of the first things that Gina tells you to do in the course is to set up a progress check-in every so often. I decided to share my progress reports here on the blog. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for me to reflect, but I also want these posts to be an encouragement to other women who want to build their own businesses.

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My Three Month Check-in

So, what has happened since my one-month check-in?

I applied for my sole-proprietorship! I am an official business owner! And I was so excited about it that I sent pictures of my license to everyone in my family.

I told my boss about my business. Turns out, he has started his own side-business too! I’ve told a lot of people at work now. Most just seem curious about it as a virtual assistant is not something that they have ever heard of. And several are very supportive and think I will be a huge success!

I found my niche! During a coaching call with Jen Synder, I finally narrowed down on my niche. I want to work with busy Mom bloggers and entrepreneurs. These are women who want to work from home so that they can be with their families and have control over their lives. I want to help them reach that goal! Because I have that same goal for myself!

I had two posts published at Lyrical Host. The first one is about three things you need to do when you first start blogging. In this post I write about three mistakes I made when I first started blogging. Learn from my mistakes, people! In my second post, I write about 7 tips to improve your writing. I also list some of my favorite resources that have helped me to improve my writing skills.

And of course, there is the exciting news that I started this post with – I signed my third client She found me through Twitter! Social Media has been a great resource for my business.

And I realize that this is completely unusual.

From what I learned in the Horkey Handbook course, most Virtual Assistant’s find clients through cold pitching. So far, I have not had luck with cold pitching, but I admit I haven’t put a ton of effort in it either. I plan to work on this more in the coming months.

What I’m Learning

That this is hard work! I knew that going in. But knowing something to be true and living it are two very different things. Building your own business is physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting.

But! It’s worth it!

Because of moments like when a client tells you that her launch was successful and then adds that she couldn’t have done it without your help. That makes it worth it!

Building your own business is physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. But it's worth itClick To Tweet


Plus, I’m learning something new every day. I love learning new things!

And above all, I’m excited to have three clients, who I love working with! I also have a hosting company that occasionally hires me for projects! So I’m excited about my progress from over these past three months.

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, I recommend checking out Horkey Handbook. This course has changed my life! I no longer feel like retail is the only path available to me. The possibilities are endless for me! And they can be for you too!


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4 responses to “How Horkey Handbook is changing my Life

  1. Paula I absoutely love this article and definitely will inspire others to put in the hard work. I’m still putting in the work myself, but readying sinning like this got my gears going this morning. Congratulations on your success!! It’s so great to hear fellow VAs succeed & making a dream come true 💜

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