The Freelancer’s Round-up Vol. 3

The Freelancer's Round-up Vol. 3

I love to read and I love to learn. And what’s better than reading and learning? Sharing what I’m reading and learning! That’s why I’ve started this Freelancer’s Round-up series. Here you’ll find links to the most helpful posts and resources aimed at freelancers, virtual assistants, and business owners.

So, let’s take a few minutes, grab a cup of coffee, and our laptops and enjoy!

The Freelancer’s Round-up

Cold pitching is so hard! But it’s a necessary part of running your business. Miranda tells us the best way to cold pitch prospective clients so that it doesn’t have to be a chore!

Brenda tells us about 8 mistakes on our websites that will cost us business. Number 5 should be a no-brainer but I still see a lot of people making this mistake.

Trevor gives us a list of 100+ blogging tools that will help us blog like a boss in 2018! I’m definitely checking out the tools for productivity and SEO!


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Meera tells us three things our welcome emails need to do but probably aren’t! This isn’t the usual advice on emails either! I’m definitely creating a welcome email series now!

Speaking of welcome emails, Chantel offers a set of fill-in-the-blank welcome email templates to get us started.

And sticking with the email subject here, Lisa gives us 23 ideas for our opt-in ideas!

When we use people’s names, we convey to them that A) we respect them, and B) they’re uniquely important to us. On the flip side, when people hear/see us use their names, they instantly give us more attention, trust, and view us in a more positive light.”

I do love Trello and over at Horkey Handbook they’re sharing 3 ways to work with a virtual assistant using Trello!

If you have a blog on your business website, then you should check out Kim’s post on 15 things serious bloggers do.

Anouska tells us how to optimize our images and speed up our websites. And let’s not forget that having a fast website is good for SEO.

And speaking os SEO, Dana gives us some simple SEO techniques to implement right now! I’m working on upping my Keyword research game, how about you?

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The Freelancer's Round-up Vol. 3

In this edition of The Freelancer's Round-up Vol. 3 we have tips for your welcome emails, SEO, blogging, and more all geared toward Freelancers!

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