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Why I Chose Lyrical Host for My Small Business Website

A little over a year ago I changed my hosting services. I had been with the same hosting company for almost ten years! So why did I switch? Well, here are seven reasons I chose Lyrical Host* for my small business website.

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I Know the Founder

Jenni Brown, one of the founders of Lyrical Host, is a friend. Years ago I would visit her website to get tips on coding and web design. And when I say years ago, I mean she had a doll maker on her website at that time! Remember those?  That’s how long I’ve followed her.

We became blogging buddies a few years later, and when I started my business Jenni was one of my first clients! So when I heard that she wanted to start her own hosting company I knew I wanted to support her.

But choosing Lyrical Host goes beyond friendship and a working relationship. You see I worked with Jenni and Lyrical Host for several months before I switched hosting because I wanted to wait until time for my domain to renew before I moved. What I saw over those months really solidified not only my desire to support my friend but that switching would really be beneficial to me and my business website.

I Like Their Message and Vision

Lyrical Host* is designed by bloggers for bloggers. They know that people don’t want to spend their time worrying about their hosting so they’ve made that part of running your blog and business as easy as possible.

Jenni also saw a gap in the hosting industry as it always seemed to market to men. Even though there are more female bloggers and entrepreneurs than ever most hosting companies ignore this demographic. Lyrical Host is more inclusive. In fact, most of their team is made up of women.

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Also, Lyrical Host is committed to being transparent. There are no hidden costs or sneaky upsells. They have flat-rate pricing so you don’t have to worry about a huge increase when it comes time to renew your hosting.

In fact, they are one of the few hosting companies that actually let you pay monthly. I won’t name them, but there are hosting companies out there that say they are $3.95 a month but that’s only if you purchase three years of hosting upfront! But you don’t know that until you get to check out. Not cool!

The monthly payments are one of my favorite features of Lyrical Host as I prefer that type of payment when it comes to managing my business finances.

Lyrical Host also offers free SSL certificates which a lot of other hosts charge for or try to sell you unnecessary upgraded ones. In fact, everything you need is included in your hosting plan.

Get 10% off your first hosting plan payment* when you use my discount code: PAULA18

They Give Back

Lyrical Host is a small business but they have a big heart! Every year on your hosting anniversary they plant a tree in your name to help offset carbon use.

They also support non-profits and charitable causes all over the world. I like knowing that by using Lyrical Host I’m also supporting children’s education in Mozambique, and mental health help aid for people across Africa and Asia.

Lyrical Host is a small business but they have a big heart which part of why I chose them to host my small business website. Click to Tweet

WordPress Dedicated Hosting

Lyrical Host WordPress platform was designed just for WordPress and they only allow WordPress websites on it. It’s designed to meet WordPress’ every need.

WordPress is preinstalled which is nice because, on some hosts, like my old one, it’s a pain to install.

Lyrical Host also offers some awesome built-in features, including automatic WordPress core updates, integrated speed, and security features, and on-demand malware scanning and clean up. Their support team is headed by WordPress developers so when you have a WordPress issue they can take care of it for you. They will even install your theme for you!

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The Community

Lyrical Host also has an awesome Facebook group, and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the moderators. It’s a place where Lyrical Host customers can connect and get to know one another. They also help cheer each other on and offer great tips and advice. It’s one of the most active Facebook groups I’m a member of and the atmosphere is very chill and inclusive.

Also, you don’t’ have to be a Lyrical Host customer to join so if you’re thinking about switching hosting this is a great way to learn what Lyrical Host is all about.

The Support

Jenni and Joe know their stuff and they are always there to answer your hosting questions. All you have to do is raise a ticket. They are quick and efficient and they never make you feel silly for the questions you ask.

They also take the time to get to know their customers personally. Lyrical Host also promotes their customer’s posts on social media and Pinterest.

I Wanted the Best for My Small Business Website

I truly believe in investing in yourself and your business. So I knew I wanted better hosting than what I had for my business website. After spending time working with Jenni and seeing the community she was building, I knew it was perfect for mine.

By choosing Lyrical Host, I would have a hosting company whose vision aligned with my own. I would also be getting access to better servers, a Free SSL certificate, and all the things I mentioned above.

Give your business the best and chose Lyrical Host too.

Get 10% off your first hosting plan payment* when you use my discount code: PAULA18

Lyrical Host is the best hosting for Small Business Websites

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