Work/Life Balance for VA’s

Work/Life Balance for VA’s

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a fellow VA, Lori Rosen!

Lori RosenAfter decades in the helping professions as a Respiratory Therapist, Life Coach/Meditation Instructor and Legal Transcriptionist, Lori Rosen decided to combine all the skills she acquired along with her love of art and graphic design to form the perfect business for herself and ARTMARK Media was born.

“Essentially, I combine creative visuals such as video and graphics with effective copywriting to create dynamic marketing materials for business owners and healthcare professionals. My site audit services ensure your website, the digital representation of you and your product or service, provides a stellar customer experience and drives sales for your business.

Finally, I offer 3 different kinds of coaching that can be mixed and matched as needed:  Stress, Accountability and Sleep Coaching, which is a favorite!

I strive in each of my services to ensure you enjoy great success in business AND in life!”

Connect with Lori at:

FB:  L. Rosen Designs
INSTAGRAM:  lrosendesigns
TWITTER:  L. Rosen Designs

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These are exactly the kinds of things that get us excited about starting our own VA businesses*, but when we can choose any moment to be a work moment OR a play moment, sometimes work moments can outnumber the moments that belong only to us.

It can happen slowly over time – you’re getting it all done – great work for your clients, plenty of time for fun with the family, but one day you notice it. It’s been ages since you were alone with your thoughts, and not the running to-do-list that plays through our heads all the time. More like the daydreams, musings, wishes, plans and schemes that have only to do with you.


You might think you don’t really need one, but solopreneurs need a Work/Life Balance Plan more than most because things can get crowded out of our schedules much easier than for those who go to an office and have a clearly delineated separation between work and home life.

Don’t you worry though, I wouldn’t DREAM of letting you be unbalanced! Follow these easy steps and soon each day will feel richer and more satisfying, easier and less draining and THAT is the definition of THE GOOD LIFE!

Follow these easy steps and soon each day will feel richer and more satisfying, easier and less draining and THAT is the definition of THE GOOD LIFE! @lorirosen7Click To Tweet


Make it a habit to work mindful moments into your day. It’s easiest to start by using your senses at first. In the shower or bath notice the steamy warm water on your skin, the smell of your shower gel. Give yourself an extra minute of scalp massage during your shampoo, hey, you are already there, why not really BE THERE?

Notice and enjoy the aroma of a hot beverage. As you bring it to your lips to sip, savor the deep and sharp smell of the coffee. Perhaps you will indulge yourself in the sweet, light smell of a perfectly brewed cup of tea or luscious hot cocoa.

I scatter these moments throughout my day, using as many of my senses as I can. It’s a wonderful game to play with yourself and the net effect is you feel as if you have had more quality time with yourself and you got it all out of things you were doing anyway.


  • Flowers at your desk.
  • Notice the first 3 bites of every meal, the aroma, taste and texture – really savor them.
  • Take a sound bath – play your favorite song, pick out each individual instrument and let it wash over you. Unite them all at the end and take a moment to be one with the vibrations.
  • Have an extra soft pillow or throw where you sit and relax, stroke it and really notice the texture, how it feels different if you rub it in different directions. This lowers your blood pressure too for added benefit.


Choose three times during the day that belong just to you. They don’t have to be long or at the same time each day, but should be spent letting your mind rest, wander and drift.

Fantasize about a vacation you would love to take or stare out the window, let your eyes go soft and think of nothing.

When alone in the car, try turning off the radio and doing some “Stoplight Meditation”. At each stoplight, take 3 deep breaths; notice your hands on the wheel and your back against the seat. Drop your shoulders and relax your neck muscles.

Stress is cumulative and taking the opportunity to relieve it several times throughout the day will benefit you in many ways. You’ll notice less aches and pains, headaches, better sleep and fewer illness such as colds. You may even drop a few pounds from a decrease in your cortisol levels!


When running your own business from home sometimes your interactions with loved ones – family and friends – become utilitarian in a way. “Do you have homework tonight?” “Are we going to your mom’s this weekend?” Will you pick the kids up after soccer practice tomorrow?” A quick text here and there to check up on your besties and that can become what passes for communication for days at a time.

Resolve to have one meaningful conversation with a loved one each day. If you have to, pick a person and write their name at the top of your calendar for that day then be on the lookout for an opportunity for some quality time. Even just 10 minutes of quality face-to-face interaction can keep the bonds strong. Take time to be silly, sexy or sensitive. Ask questions, play jokes or games. Share a special snack, a secret glance or a Skype and you’ll always feel that amazing connection that reminds you why you work at home in the first place.

Start your Work/Life Balance Plan with these 3 tips and notice how much better you feel and how much easier things flow with work and your home life. You might even find more ways to add to your plan as you go along.



Is Work/Life Balance for VA’s even possible? Guest blogger Lori Rosen says that yes it is! Learn Lori's three tips that will help you find that elusive work/life balance we all crave! #virtualassistant #balance #work #life

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