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10 Must Reads for Virtual Assistants

There are thousands of books out there just waiting to be read, but the reality is that some books just aren’t worth your time! There are so many great business books out there that can help you take your business to the next level, but there are also some that are a waste of time! If you are looking for a few great books to add to your reading list, here are some of the books I’ve been enjoying lately.

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Books that I’ve Read

She Means Business by Carrie Green*

As a business owner, we often have amazing ideas. This book can help you turn those amazing ideas into a real business by showing you just how Carrie did it!

5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins*

What if a mere five seconds was holding you back from reaching your greatest potential? This book will help you use a five second tool to become more successful and smash all your doubts.

Living Over Existing by Alisha Robertson *

Mental barriers can be a huge detriment for any business owner. Whatever is stopping you from getting started on the path of living the life you want, Alisha Robertson will help you overcome it!

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller *

Donald Miller has found the solution to a problem many business owners face! His method of building a brand story will help you connect with your customers by clarifying your message to them!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert  *

Elizabeth Gilbert has written a ton of best-selling novels, but in this book, she takes a deep dive into her own creative process. Creatives will love this lighthearted yet informational read.

Books that Are on My Reading List

But I’m Not An Expert by Meera Kothand *

This book is perfect for new virtual assistants and entrepreneurs who are just starting out. This book addresses one of the main concerns of not feeling like an expert.

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz *

If you want to know how to really make a profit with your business, you can’t go wrong with this book! It talks you through the exact formula and what you need to know about building a profitable business.

Free to Focus by Micheal Hyatt *

It can sometimes feel like there are an endless list of to-dos when it comes to running a business. In Michael Hyatt’s book, he discusses exactly what you need to know to be more productive and run your business more efficiently.

The LinkedIn Code by Melanie Dodaro *

Linkedin has become a fast-growing social media website for professionals. This book will show you how to harness this new platform and grow an audience for your business!

How to Price Your Platypus by David Abbott *

Price can be a hard thing to nail down as a new business owner. If you have ever wondered how to price your business, this book can help you figure that out.

Other Book Related Items to Consider

While these are not books, I must admit that there are a few must-have book items that I wanted to share with you! These are super helpful for any home library, and they also make great office decorations.

Personal Library Kit *

Create your own personal library with this beginner’s kit! This has everything a real book lover needs to start their collection.

Book Embosser *

If you have trouble getting your books back after you lend them to someone, consider this fun book embosser!

Library Card Book Club Coaster Set *

This coaster set is so fun! It’s also something I think all the literary lovers out there can appreciate.

Vintage Feather Bookmarks *

These fabulous bookmarks are a classic way to mark your page, but without using a standard bookmark.

Mason Jar Bookends *

If you are looking for a great way to organize your books, you’ll love these mason jar bookends! You can add plants to them and really brighten up your office space.

Must Reads for Virtual Assistants

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