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Common Web Design Mistakes DIYers Make

Your website is the home of your business. It’s where potential clients come to learn about you and your coaching services and digital products. When those potential clients come for a visit you want them to gain a good impression of you and your business as well as a clear idea of what you have to offer that will help them. A well-designed website can help you do all that and more!

If you’re going the DIY route, I want to share some common mistakes people make with their WordPress websites. Let’s make your coaching website a wonderful experience for your potential clients and customers by avoiding these nine all too common design mistakes.

Too small font

Your font being too small can be just as bad as if your font is too big! You want to aim for at least 18 px to make sure your font is readable and large enough for Google. Depending on the theme you choose for your website, this might already be included in your theme, or you may have to do a little customization to make sure your default text doesn’t get below 18 px. Make sure that you also can read it on mobile as well as desktop!

Unclear or overwhelming navigation

Websites can be busy. If you have a lot of information to share, it’s even more crucial that your site is easy to navigate. It should be clear where your customer or reader should go when they click on your website. Ensure that the navigation isn’t too overwhelming by keeping your headings to just a few words (or just one). Use dropdowns to categorize pages further to help clean up your navigation bar.

Not considering mobile-friendliness in the design

These days, you will have just as many visitors from mobile as you will on a computer. This means that it’s essential that your website looks good not just on a computer but on mobile as well. Being able to scale up or down is crucial when doing web design in 2020.

Ensure that you are not only paying attention to how your website looks on a desktop but that it looks good on mobile as well. If you’re using a builder, like Elementor, you can check your design in desktop, tablet and mobile view to see how it looks.  You can use Google Search Console to check if you have any mobile issues that need to be fixed.

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Too much or too little going on

White space can achieve a professional and minimalist look, but too much white space can make your site look empty. However, on the flip side, too much going on can make it hard to navigate your site and take all of the information you have to offer! Ensure that you aren’t overloading your page with too much content for the consumer, but not so little that they’re left wanting more.

Ugly or irrelevant images

Images are the first impression anyone will see on your page. They may notice a heading or two, but their eyes will go to the images first. This means that having blurry or ugly images could lead your reader off the page before seeing what you had to say! Irrelevant images can also lead to the same result as readers will feel misled or confused by the image.

Branded images are best, but not always possible when you’re just starting out. So look for stock images that fit your brand in color palette and aesthetic. One thing you do want to include is a nice headshot. This doesn’t have to be by a professional photographer. Nowadays most phones can take really good photos, so have your spouse or a friend snap some of you to use on your website.

No clear call to action

Your website should have a purpose, and that purpose should be clear to your readers and anyone who comes to your website. Make sure there is a clear call to action on every page of your website. What do you want people who visit your site to do? Where do you want them to go first? Once they’re done with that page, where should they go next?

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Slow load times

Large image files, videos, and plug-ins can slow down your site. A lightning-fast loading time is ideal, but not always possible. There are certain things you need to achieve the functionality you want your website to have and this will be different for everyone.  Take time to evaluate your plugins and optimize your images. Host your video files on a separate platform like YouTube or Vimeo to save on bandwidth.  And remember it’s okay to load a few seconds. What you want to avoid is a site that is slow to load ANYTHING. Slow load times are bad for SEO, but they’re bad for the user. Users won’t wait long before they’ll click off and go elsewhere.

Not using consistent branding

Branding can come in the form of logos, a color palette, or even verbiage. It’s important that your branding be consistent, especially in design. This branding should make an impression on your reader and help them identify you in the future. Ensure that your logos are the same style as the images you use on your website is an excellent example of this in action!

Not understanding your reader

It’s not about what YOU want on the website; it’s about what your READER wants! This means that you need to design your website with your reader in mind. Do they want something more simple, more visuals? If you’re not sure, ask! Feedback is crucial when designing and can help make the reader experience better for your longtime readers.

Your website doesn’t have to be 100% perfect in every way, but these common web design mistakes could cost you clients and, therefore, cost you money. If you can’t hit these things and make sure that these things are taken care of, then you need to revisit your website design ASAP!

Common Web Design Mistakes DIYers Make on their coaching websites

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  1. Great points Paula. Consistency in the one that really stands out to me.

    I often see inconsistency on websites, especially where images are concerned. It’s not enough to use free stock images even if they’re high quality. The style of the image has to be consistent on every page… that’s why large brands use style guides to detail everything, especially imagery.

    They know how important it is and are prepared to pay a fortune to get images right. That alone speaks volumes!

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