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The Benefits of Tailwind for Your Small Business

Pinterest has been a major gamechanger for businesses. If you have content that is even the slightest bit visual, you can succeed on Pinterest! If you are ready to take your Pinterest game to the next level, I highly recommend purchasing Tailwind to help your business. Tailwind is a social media scheduler that can not only schedule to Pinterest but Instagram* as well! If you’re on edge about signing up, here are some of the benefits of using Tailwind.

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Tailwind is the Only Scheduler Approved by Pinterest

There are a lot of apps out there that can help you schedule pins to Pinterest. However, Tailwind is the only scheduling service that is approved by Pinterest! Tailwind and Pinterest work closely together to help make scheduling your pins easier.

Tailwind Saves You So Much Time on Pinterest

Manually pinning and finding pins is extremely difficult and time-consuming. This process could take you hours each day if you have to go in and make and create new pins for your account each day. Tailwind cuts this time in half by making bulk pinning easier, and allows you to schedule pins so you can be putting out fresh content every hour without ever logging into your Pinterest account.

Tailwind’s Smart Calendar Can Help You Better Plan Your Pins

Not sure when the best time to pin is? It’s different for every single account! Tailwind has a built-in Smart Calendar that can help you identify peak times for your account. This can also be useful if you know how many pins you want each day, but not necessarily what time you should be pinning them.

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Tailwind Lets You Easily Schedule Posts to Multiple Boards

Manually creating and pinning each pin could take you hours if you need it to go to multiple boards. With Tailwind*, each pin can easily be scheduled and even set as an interval pin to help you spread them out! All you need to do is upload the pin one time, and then move it around in your scheduler to space them out! You can use the same description and even look through your boards to make sure you don’t have duplicates.

Tailwind Makes it Easy to Mass Schedule Your Posts

Perhaps the best feature of Tailwind is its ability to mass schedule your pins. If you are going to be out of town or just want to focus on other aspects of your business, you can easily schedule hundreds and even thousands of pins at a time! You can also use the smart loop and interval features to have your blog posts regularly pin without you lifting a finger.

Tailwind Allows You to Pin on Autopilot

We touched on this briefly, but the best feature of Tailwind is the ability to set it and forget it for a while! You don’t have to log in to your Pinterest account to check on your pins (unless you want to), and you can see what pins are performing well and reschedule them as you see fit. Tailwind allows a completely hands-off pinning experience by allowing you to put your Pinterest account on autopilot.

Tailwind Can Help You Get Set Up with Recurring Pins and Interval Pins

Two fantastic features that are available through Tailwind* are Smartloop and Interval Pinning. When both of these are used, you can maximize your Tailwind experience and make pinning even easier!

Smart loop allows you to choose conditions in which your pin gets cycled into your schedule. You can select seasons, frequency, and more to help you get your seasonal or evergreen content regularly in your schedule.

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Interval Pinning allows you to batch pin your posts while ensuring that you spread them out by putting in conditions to pin. You can say you want them to be spread out by a few weeks or months or days, depending on your needs.

Tailwind Tribes are Gold

Group boards have nothing on Tailwind Tribes! Tribes are like Group boards 2.0, and it shows! Here you can quickly see at a glance which pins are popular or trending and pin relevant content to your schedule! With the click of a button, you can have hundreds of successful pins scheduled for your account! This makes it easier to see categories of pins that are relevant to your account and connect with other pinners in your community. In addition to finding great pins, this is also a place for you to share YOUR content! This means you have a chance to share your pins into this system and get more repins and shares on your pins.

Tailwind can help you put your social media efforts on autopilot without taking up too much of your time! If you’re looking for a way to bulk schedule and manage your social media, Tailwind is a great option.

The Benefits of Tailwind for Your Small Business

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