The Freelancer’s Round-up Vol. One

The Freelancer's Round-up Vol One

I love to read and I love to learn. And what’s better than reading and learning? Sharing what I’m reading and learning! That’s why I’ve started this Freelancer’s Round-up series. Here you’ll find links to the most helpful posts and resources aimed at freelancers and business owners.

So let’s grab a cup of coffee and our laptops, and enjoy!

Do you need a website to be successful as a freelancer? For Esther, that answer was no!

Not sure what to send your email list? Sarah has seven ideas for your newsletter. Number 5 is my favorite.

Elna shares 31 Pinterest Boards for Freelance Writers!

Are you like me and working full-time while you build your online business? If so, Lauren has some great tips on how to balance your full-time job with part-time freelance business.

Stephanie writes about the 11 thing she wishes she’d known when she started her business. Number nine is where I know I’m going to struggle. What about you?

Kyla tells us five things that pro-bloggers do after they hit publish. This is a great checklist not only for your own blog, but these same strategies can be used on your client’s blog posts.

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Tonia gives us seven tips for planning our days. Like Tonia, I love a handwritten to-do list, how about you? I also love Trello so that I can have my to-do list with me at all times.

Jen at Women Winning Online created this awesome guide for getting tons of traffic without getting sucked into social media all day. I can’t wait to start putting this plan into action!

Rachel gives us tips on what to do before we create our products and services.

Allyssa writes about why your website isn’t booking any clients. These are great tips for making your website as user-friendly as possible.

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The Freelancer's Round-up Vol One

The Freelancer's Round-up Vol One - the best blog posts and resources on the web for freelance business owners.

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2 responses to “The Freelancer’s Round-up Vol. One

  1. This round up is awesome! I’ve been struggling with ideas on what to send my readers and that link was very helpful! Actually, it’s not just that link but all of them were great links to share! Plus, I like how you said what you liked about each link <3 Thank you for sharing!

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