Why Your Work/Life Balance Is So Important

After starting your own work-from-home business, you may have found yourself facing an unexpected additional pressure that was very different from anything you experienced when you were at your 9to5. When you start to realize what all is involved in chasing your dreams, the pressure can become really overwhelming. You start to wonder how you’re

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How to increase your email open rates

How to Increase Your Email Open Rates

What are your email open rates? If you don’t know you need to look into this right away. This is one of the most important metrics you should know for your business. You need to consistently keep up with your email open rates and try to improve on them. Why? Well, if your subscribers aren’t opening

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Pinterest Updates 2018 – What We Know

Pinterest Updates 2018 – What We Know

Hands up if Pinterest has you confused lately? I think that would be most of us sitting there with one (or two) hands in the air. Because there has been a load of Pinterest updates in 2018 and even the top experts have been left a little baffled by it all. However, to give Pinterest

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The Freelancer's Round-Up Vol 5

The Freelancer’s Round-Up Vol 5

I love to read and I love to learn. And what’s better than reading and learning? Sharing what I’m reading and learning! That’s why I’ve started this Freelancer’s Round-up series. Here you’ll find links to the most helpful posts and resources aimed at freelancers, virtual assistants, and online business owners. So, let’s take a few

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Make your social media more successful

8 ways to make your social media more successful

Social media has become one of the most popular and effective ways to market almost any business, but there are so many sites, tasks, profiles and publishing to manage every day, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The most successful social media marketers have several habits that enable them to do it all successfully. See

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Meet Your Virtual Assistant

Hello, I’m Paula Hickey! I work with Moms who are working to live life on their own terms by building the business of their dreams! I handle content and social media management, blog maintenance, and Pinterest assistance. With my help, you’ll have more time to enjoy that road to success!

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