7 reasons why Converkit is the best email platform for your business

I have been using Convertkit for years for everything from landing pages to sending newsletters in my business. While this is primarily a tool promoted by bloggers, you don’t have to be a blogger or even have a blog on your page to get all the benefits of Converkit’s wide range of helpful tools. Whether you’re familiar with Convertkit or still on the fence, this post has everything you need to know! Here are seven reasons why Convertkit is the best email platform for your business.

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Convertkit can create beautiful landing pages and forms

Landing pages and sign up forms are the middle man between your business page and your email list. This means that these need to not only look nice but function well too. Convertkit* has so many easy tools for creating custom landing pages and forms that are just beautiful! You can incorporate your brand colors into these forms to make them more personalized to your brand or business needs. The landing pages are included in the price of your subscription, and while you won’t have as many options as Leadpages, you get a pretty awesome deal for what you’re paying for! If you do decide to use Leadpages or another third party site, you can always integrate it with Convertkit!

Convertkit is focused on email marketing

Convertkit is set up unlike any other email marketing platform out there. Its goal is to help with email marketing, and it delivers that and so much more! While other email marketing tools offer a tiny piece of the puzzle, Convertkit was built around its ability to succeed as an email marketing service.

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Convertkit can create marketing automation that makes sense

You don’t have to be an expert in email marketing to figure out how to set up automations in Convertkit! Unlike other tools that require a lot of hand-holding and set up, the marketing automations in Convertkit make sense! Many are one click away or automated for you! You can see where your email subscriber will go and what happens when they get to that part of the automation.

Convertkit’s customer support is both fast and helpful

While in a perfect world, you will never have to talk to the support team of your email service, you will need to, at some point, clarify a question or help with their service to your maximum potential. Convertkit’s team is not only very helpful with any question you may have, but they are fast! No more waiting for years to get a response to a simple question. You can even access this feature from your dashboard so you can easily find the support information without digging through their website.

Convertkit is easy to use

Your email marketing tool shouldn’t be complicated. You should be able to navigate the platform easily and find what you’re looking for at a glance. Convertkit makes all this possible, and it’s so easy that you don’t need to be familiar with the platform to get started!

One of the main reasons this platform stands out from the competitors is because the interface is so simple and clear. You can easily find your way around the five option main menu and know exactly where you’re headed! Writing an email to your list feels just as simple as drafting a regular email. There are no tricks and tips that you need to know to draft your email; it’s all so simple.

Convertkit has a massive library full of tutorials

If you are new to Convertkit*, don’t let this discourage you. They have a library full of tutorials that you can use to get acquainted with their platform. However, these tutorials aren’t just for beginners. They can also be used for veterans of the platform to help maximize their email marketing efforts! You could learn how to use Convertkit throughout your lunch break! If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, type in some keywords and see what comes up!

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Convertkit is like the champagne of email marketing tools

Why drink beer when you can have champagne? Well, the reality is that for some people, using the free Mailchimp tool can get the job done. They don’t mind the limited access to things and aren’t looking for much out of it in return. However, Convertkit takes that simple email marketing formula and does it better. It has a more elegant look and feel to it, but it also functions that way! The saying everything you can do I can do better really does apply here.

No matter what kind of business you have, Convertkit* can help handle all of your email marketing needs and then some! You may be shocked to find that you didn’t know you needed many of these tools until you have them at your disposal!

7 reasons why Converkit is the best email platform for your business

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