The Benefits of an Application Funnel for Your Coaching Business Featured

Why an Application Funnel for Your Coaching Business is a Must Have

As business owners, we are all looking for ways to turn our leads into new clients.  So instead of trying to chase down new leads, hop on calls that lead nowhere, and waste your time finding new ways to get your existing leads to buy, why not instead focus on better quality leads! 

Application funnels are a great way to make sure that the leads you get will be the right fit for your coaching business and help you find better customers for your business!

With this strategy, you can save time and money by finding out if you are a good fit early on in the process! Here are the benefits of an application funnel for your coaching business and why you should have one!

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What is an application funnel?

In simple terms, an application funnel is what you will create to have prospective clients fill out to see if they qualify for a service or just to get general information before you make them an offer. 

You will find within most opt-in campaigns contact information such as an email address. The goal of those newsletter funnels is to gain leads in mass quantity. However, an application funnel doesn’t focus on the number of leads but their quality. This added feature weeds out leads that won’t be an excellent fit for your services so that you save yourself time and potential headaches.

What are the benefits of an application funnel?

Your goal as a business coach is to drive traffic and leads to your website so that you can convert them into paying customers. Having a huge email list and search traffic is great, but those numbers won’t help you with your bottom line. This is where application funnels can swoop in and save the day!

It will help you define what your ideal customer looks like

As a coach, your services won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay. You may even find that as your price goes up, your client base might start to narrow. An application funnel will force both you and your target audience to think more about if that service is right for them. It will help you uncover who they are, their journey as a purchaser, and what their pain points are.

It can uncover in-depth information about your clients

This application funnel will help you uncover important information about people who are ready to buy. You can use these to help tweak and future your marketing and sales efforts too. This funnel will tell you who your leads are, who your customers are, what they want, and what they find important. These are all essential for good marketing campaigns and sales efforts.

It will help you identify your target audience

The worst thing about discovery calls is getting on the phone to realize you aren’t a great fit! Both sides end up wasting precious time, and everyone feels frustrated by the end of it. With this funnel, you can easily save time and money because they won’t waste their time on a service that won’t serve either party!

It makes it easier to convert leads into buyers

If a potential lead makes it through this funnel, it means they are ready to buy from you! You have hooked them and taken the time to ask them questions and gather information. At this point, you have already confirmed that they will be a good fit for your business, AND you know they are ready to purchase from you. You know what you need to provide them as a coach and business, and they know what to expect as a consumer.

Tools you can use to create your funnel

There are so many great tools that can be used to create your first funnel for your coaching business. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Dubsado*: Setting up automations is easy, and you can keep track of all your information in one place. Since you can also use Dubsado as a CRM for your business, having the funnel be here makes setting up and onboarding your client that much easier.
  • Paperform: You can see who has completed partial steps and follow up with them easily. This can be helpful when trying to get your clients from the interested stage to the signup page with ease.
  • Acuity/Calendly: These tools are great because you can customize their forms and add qualifying questions that are unique to your coaching services.

If you have ever thought about creating an application funnel, hopefully, you consider testing one out when you create your next landing page. You might find that you are getting more relevant leads and can turn them into clients faster than you were doing before.

The Benefits of an Application Funnel for Your Coaching Business

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