How to Find Inspiration by Walking

Walking the Dog

Chris H Hall guest postToday I am honored to have a fellow VA guest posting on the blog! Chris H. Call is here to tell us why walking inspires creativity! Chris is a recent graduate of 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Sucess*. He also graduated John Morrow’s Guest Blogging Course. Visit Chris’s blog to find out more.


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Walking for Creativity

Does your online business, VA services or a blog keep you busy all day?

Are you struggling with creativity, coming up with ideas to bring old and new clients to your website?

Is there an answer to that perplexing creativity shutdown?

Yes, walking!

Experts say that walking for at least thirty minutes a day will kick start your day. Thirty minutes, about one mile will give you health benefits that you may not even know about.

A good brisk walk increases cardiovascular health, when the blood flows our bodies work better, creativity is enhanced. The lungs are working and supplying clean air to the blood, increasing oxygen levels to the brain, it clears up your mind.

Thirty minutes of walking increases your heart rate and strengthens the heart, a strong heart is a healthy heart.

A daily routine of walking thirty minutes will improve your overall health, and is credited for adding years to your life.

Let’s face it sitting in front of a computer, worrying about the health of our online business can be detrimental to our own health.

Let’s face it sitting in front of a computer, worrying about the health of our online business can be detrimental to our own health.Click To Tweet

Creativity goes hand in hand with a good exercise regimen.

Expensive gym fees are not included. Neither is struggling with heavy workout equipment. Not to mention costly sports outfits.

All one needs are good quality walking or running shoes, a mile course, sometimes the area around your home, and thirty minutes a day. Maybe a pedometer, to log that mile. Oh, by all means, walk more than a mile if overwhelmed or feeling pumped enough to do more.

You will find that after a week of thirty minute walks a day your creativity has taken a jump start and the content of your website is coming in clusters of creative thought.

Give walking for thirty minutes a day a try, what have you got to lose, just thirty minutes!

What you will gain is far more important than the success of that online business, a healthier you and that is your bottom line.

A healthier you means a healthier business, and you can credit it to walking thirty minutes a day.


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