Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Do you struggle to maintain a consistent social media presence? Are you at a lost at what to post on your business Facebook page? Do you hate being on Twitter? Does the Instagram algorithm overwhelm you?

It’s important to maintain a presence on social media but it’s hard to find time to do ALL. THE. THINGS.

Did you know that the average business owner spends at least six hours a week on social media? That’s a lot of time!

What could you do with an extra six hours a week?

If you’re a coach who offers one-hour consultation calls, you could take on six more clients a week!

If you’re a blogger who sells infoproducts, you would have more time to write that eBook or create that eCourse that’s been on your to-do list for forever!

What would that mean for your bottom line?

That’s where I come in. Let me take on those daily social media tasks like scheduling your Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts. I can also promote your new blog posts, reply to comments, find relevant content from others to share, and create engagement in and moderate your Facebook group.

These are all time-consuming tasks for you, but they are tasks that I love!

Let me make your social media presence fun, engaging, and consistent!


  • Scheduling Tweets of your new blog posts
  • Scheduling Tweets of other’s content
  • Scheduling Facebook posts of your content and others
  • Sourcing images to use in social media promotion
  • Creating branded images to accompany Tweets and Facebook Posts
  • Sourcing/creating content to share on social media – quotes, tips, and tricks, etc.
  • Facebook Group moderation/engagement
  • Instagram engagement – including engaging and following new people
  • Writing captions for Instagram
  • Sourcing copy from your work your social media platforms
  • Create a content calendar for your platforms
  • Hashtag research for Instagram


Don’t see something you need listed? Ask me about it in the form below!

How it works

Fill out the form below or schedule your discovery call. During the discovery call, we’ll go over what your goals are for your social media platforms. We’ll narrow in on your needs – posts per day, which platforms your need help with, etc. I will then use this information to create a custom package designed to meet your business needs.

Use the form below to contact me about a custom package! Or schedule your free discovery call today!